Saturday, August 17, 2013

Finding Nemo revisited!

Well guys, this is the first cake we've done in over a month! Lets do a quick update on our lives before we get into the cutest cake we've ever made. I graduated from school and went through a full internship for dental assisting. After accumulating my allotted hours, I put out ten billion resumes and immediately got a few prospects. Now, I have a full-time (and I mean FULL TIME) job as a receptionist at a truly lovely (and huge) dental office. And DJ still has his full time job at a famous little place in Berkeley, so making cakes has sort of been put on the back burner since we have really no time for life, let alone cakes,

However, when we received a text from my friend's friend, I was more than ready to get back into the cake world. Her adorable little son is turning one, and she wanted to go all out with a Finding Nemo themed cake. 

Now guys, I know you remember the very first cake we ever made together. If not, let me refresh your memory:
Finding Nemo. That was a few years ago, and I guess it never goes out of style. Needless to say, we've definitely improved our cake skills (and our photography skills). We were both really excited to get to revisit an old idea and blow this cake out of the water! So here's the new one:
I can actually hardly believe we made this cake. It's definitely the coolest cake we've done so far. (But I say that about all of our cakes!) We also added a Nemo in after this picture was taken, boo hoo! But that's okay. Needless to say, our customer was delighted, and I hope her son was too!

This cake was vanilla with fresh strawberries and Italian buttercream. Squirt (the turtle) was made of cake and rice krispy treats, with fondant decorations and food coloring painted on for the spots. The decorations are all edible (duh), made from gumpaste. I think we have a few more cakes coming up, so stay tuned! 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Graduation cake #2!

So this post is way insanely late! We made this graduation cake for one of DJ's sister's coworkers. (We have so many people just promoting our work endlessly, and we are soo grateful!) This cake was fun because the customer gave us basically creative freedom, as long as the graduation cap was on it. Which let me tell you, was not all that fun, but you live and learn. We struggled with how to make the mortarboard stay straight, and after much toil and trouble, we finally did it! Thanks largely in part to my glorious husband, who never ceases to amaze me with his creativity and ability to think on his feet! (Whereas I just crumble into a sobbing she-devil). Overall, the cake was a success with the family, and seeing the looks on their faces was the icing on the cake! (Okay, that was a baddd pun, I know.)

This cake was chocolate and vanilla buttercream on the top, and vanilla/vanilla on the bottom. We heard it was a huge hit! Can't wait till the next one, guys!

2013 Graduation Cake #1!

So this post is like super way overdue, but here it is, finally! Another cake to add! We made this one for our niece Gabby (who is currently livin' it up in Hawaii, lucky!). This cake was simple on the inside, all vanilla deliciousness. The zebra print I hand cut out and pasted around the cake, and honestly it's one of my favorite designs to date! It was really very easy and soo fun. We'll start taking some progress pictures so you guy reading can join in on the fun times! 

The hat, however, was not so easy and really not very fun. It was difficult trying to make the mortarboard stay stiff, so after much trial and error, we ended up putting cardboard under it (that's cheating, I know). But it was really very frustrating and we were tired, okay? Geez. 

Anyway, stay tuned for our latest cake, another graduation cake with a bigger (and better executed) hat!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Leopard print graduation cake

We made this cake for my friend's sister's graduation! Her favorite colors are purple and turquoise, and she wanted leopard print. The leopard print was actually quite a challenge, as we'd never done it before. We were having some problems, but luckily we have lots of imagination, and we pulled it off! 
This cake was all chocolate (yum!) 

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Cute Birthday cakes

We made these cakes kind of spur of the moment for my two close friends at school! Their birthdays are about a week apart, so we decided to surprise them with little cakes. Bianca is a fellow self proclaimed princess, so I knew I had to make it pink with some Hello Kitty thrown in there for good measure. 

Racheal is super funny and loves to quote Spongebob. The little guy on the front of her cake is her cast. She broke her finger and had the cast for about a month, and we named him Paul.

The toppers are just candles from the supermarket, we decided to do these very late at night, and sculpting that late is not a good idea! Either way, they were fun to make, and the girls LOVED them! 
My favorite part about making a cake is definitely the smiles we get from the people who get the cakes! These cakes were vanilla on vanilla. Yum!!

Baptism Cake

We made this cake for one of DJ's coworkers. It was for his niece's baptism, and he wanted to go all out! This cake's top and bottom tiers were red velvet with chocolate filling, and the middle tier was vanilla cake with vanilla bean filling. We also made some delicious cupcakes to go along with this extravagant cake!!

Monster High

We made this cake for another one of DJ's coworkers! We made this for an 11 year old's birthday. This was a Monster High themed cake, all chocolate, of course!! The decorations were made by hand, as always, out of gumpaste. I cut out the little skull freehand, which was not easy! But in the end it all turned out great!